Finding your true self

There are times in your life when it feels that you are in a limbo. Your life is not moving forward or backwards. times when you feel that you cannot share your pain or happiness or any feelings with anyone or even if you shared you had end up feeling alone or they wouldn’t care about it anyway. Those are the times when you realize your own true worth. You learn that even if there’s no one there for you, you can be with yourself and be true to yourself and analyze what you want in life and from others. How you are and what type of a person you want to become can only be answered by your true self.

This is what I have realized in this past week by being with myself for most of the time. Sometimes, time with yourself is what you need to pick yourself up and become a better person and realize where your life is going and where you want to take it. Friends and family are always there for you and even if they are not, you are there for you. And the best part is you can rely on yourself the most. There is no deceit there, no lies, no backstabbing and trust. If you have trust and faith in yourself, then nothing can stop you or even belittle you.

The best way to find yourself is spending some “me time” with yourself taking some time out of your busy schedule, doing things that you really love. Or just sit there in a quiet place and think about random stuff or about anything particular that have recently affected you. You never know what you end up finding, it’ll amaze you how much you don’t know about yourself and so much you can still discover hidden within yourself. Digging deep under yourself and knowing more about yourself will make you more confident and more sure about your own potential.


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