Life at XIMB

It was exactly 2 months before that this amazing journey began at XIMB. I expected this to be a new start of my life. But never expected my life to change so drastically. With a hectic academic schedule, batch meets, launches of endless number of committees, their shadow interviews, business conclaves, leadership talks and a whole lot of events have not left me with any breathing space. Life is hectic here but I have loved every bit of it. It has made me feel alive after a long time. Working in an office and sitting at a desk for 9 hours limited my scope of going out there and meet new people and explore myself. This is a new opportunity for me to do everything that I have always wanted to do in my life. Its like getting a new life after a very boring one.. 😉

The first month was all about knowing people in your batch, our seniors and trying to form relationships that would last a lifetime (hopefully). After talking to a lot of people and getting to know them, I have finally found or rather landed up with 4 great people that I have grown so close to that I trust them completely and I know they will be by my side always. Although we also have our share of fights and most of the time end up irritating each other, but we still love each other and have a lot of fun whenever we get time. We also have issues with each other and trust me they are a lot of issues but when it comes to have fun we forget them and just enjoy coz we all know that we get less time to have fun with our hectic schedules.

True friends say good things behind your back and bad things on your face.

Fab Five ;)

Fab Five 😉 ( left to right: Abhishek, Me, Ananya, Supreet, Siddhant)

I have found myself opening up more since coming here. I think I have changed in the past month. When I came here for the first time, I was apprehensive and a bit nervous coz it was a long time that I was going so far away from my family and friends. This was a new territory and I thought I am too set in my ways that I might not be able to adjust. But my perceptions about life has changed a lot after coming here and have come to know that I can adjust and change myself according to any situation. The diversity in people here is really astounding. Some of the people here have seen so much in life that I feel my life has been simple and very much privileged.

These 2 months have been an eye opener for me both about life and about my capabilities too. I have learnt a lot about myself as well. I never knew I could open up this much and also that I had so much patience in me to be strong in any situations. I always thought I was sensitive and when things hurt me, I used to cry when I was at home but here I have learnt how to control myself around people. I also have a bad habit of reacting without thinking which I have to work on here. I believe I have much potential that I can develop here as these 2 years will shape my life ahead and teach me how to think and react in all types of situations.


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