Children’s Day

When I opened my web browser to start my office work the first thing I saw was today’s Google Doodle, then I realised that today is Children’s Day.

Google Doodle

It took me back to my childhood when we were in school, we always celebrated this day in school by doing something fun like doing some plays, singing songs, just hanging out with friends, irritating our teachers. And our teachers were also lenient on this day as it was our day. Life was so easy back then. We just had to worry about our studies or sports or when we can watch TV. 😉

I remember when we had our exams and our parents were always asking us to study, my sister and I used to be so jealous of them. We used to think that they are so much better off than us, they can do whatever they want and watch TV whole day without any tension of exams or studies. But now, when we have become adults and start earning, now we yearn to go back to those childhood so that we can live that simple and joyful life again.

Hope we can see life the way we used to as children, life would be so simple. 🙂


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