Live Life Your Way

This post is aimed at my mom & dad as a part of Blogging 101’s today’s task. They are my dream readers as I really want them to read my blog.

Mom & Dad,

I really want you guys to know that I want to live my life my own way not the way the society wants me to live.

“Complete your education by the age of 22, get a job and then get married by 24 and have 2 kids by the age of 30.”

I don’t want to follow the norm of a typical girl in a middle class family. I know you as my parents want these things for my well being and for my life to be good. But I want to live my life on my own. Live on my own for few years, study and take my career the way I want it to take, marry when I find the right guy (that can take few years), have children when I feel ready to have one. I understand that you also feel the pressure from the society but this is my life and I want to live it in my own way.

Sometimes, I feel suffocated with all this pressure and just makes me want to live so far away from home that there is no one to stop or interrupt me from doing what I want. But I know its so difficult to live away from you guys and the comforts of home.

I really love you guys but I really want to make decisions about my life on my own. Even if i make mistakes, they will be mine to make and regret. I just want you guys to be there with me helping me make my life’s decisions, not make those decisions for me. I just hope you guys can understand that.


2 thoughts on “Live Life Your Way

  1. Topaz says:

    It’s so important to remember that everyone has the right to live their life the way they want to. I know society’s expectations can push down on us, but keep doing what you’re doing! I’m sure your parents will understand since they do love and want what’s best for you. xx

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