Fighting Kids

Day 12: Today, write a post with roots in a real-world conversation. For a twist, include foreshadowing.

I was travelling through metro this past weekend and heard two kids fighting over a video game. They were fighting over whose turn it was to play next. Their mom was sitting on the seat opposite them, so tired that she let her kids fight instead of stopping them. All the women/girls in the metro compartment were staring at those 2 kids and also staring at their mom why is she not stopping the fight.

Both the kids were looking so cute with their matching clothes (looked like they were twins) even though they were fighting over the game. (By the way I love kids!! 🙂 ). But their poor mother was so tired and worn out that she seemed like she is in no condition to stop them. Eventually the kids started kicking and slapping each other, then only their mom came in between them and stopped them from fighting. She tackled both of the kids so deftly without even scolding them or even saying a harsh word even though she was so tired. I really liked her way.

I have seen many parents who get irritated easily these days and start scolding their kids or sometimes slap their kids in public. I don’t like that kind of treatment of kids. Kids need a soft hand and a sweet nature in a parent who can be strict with them when required. Even if they are naughty or they don’t listen to their parents, parents should not loose their patience and never slap of beat their children.


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