Songs of my Life

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

For Day 3 of Writing 101, I have to write about three most influential songs of my life. I love listening to music and connecting a particular song with everything. Its been like this for me from a long time. I associate songs with the things or people around me. I can’t stick to just 3 songs, so I an gonna list 5 songs that I love the most (even thats also very difficult).

Here is the list of some of my favorite songs and their significance in my life:

1. Aas Pas h Khuda (Anjaana Anjaani)

This song is my most fav song. I have been listening to this song since it released. It always fills with me a positive vibe, with a hope for the future. It makes me feel the presence of an almighty, that there’s someone out there looking out for me. Even though I make mistakes, I’ll be able to overcome them and come out better than I was before. Whenever I feel down I listen to this, and I am filled with such inspiration and positivity that I feel I can achieve anything I want to.

2. Galliyan by Ankit Tiwari (Ek Villain)

This is a recent favorite of mine. Its a song that tells me how love can be all consuming and when you fall in love, you just want to be with your beloved always. You want to live with him, you want to die for him, you make him the most important person in your life. You always think about him. If he isn’t around you, you feel lost and anxious to be with him. When you fall truly in love, then your thoughts are always filled with him whether he’s with you or not. I just want this type of true love for myself also. The search is still on. 😉

3. Yaaron by KK

This song reminds me about all my friends throughout high school and college. The times we spend, all the fun we had and all those parties, bunking the class for a movie. Once we even missed a test just to catch the latest movie. Friends are such an important part of your life. When you find good friends, you just can’t let them go and share everything with them. This song is related to my friends in my mind. For everything we did and for everything, we are going to do in the future. 😉

4. Somebody’s Me by Enrique Iglesias

This one is a great favorite of mine. It reminds how lost we feel when we lose someone we love so much. It reminds me about the days when I broke up with my ex. He was my best friend, my confidant, I used to share everything with him. When we broke up , it felt like I had a gaping hole in my life. It took a long time to fill that space. But this song still reminds me how it feels when somebody leaves you and you are just left with a lot of pain in your heart.

5. Jeene ke Ishaare (Phir Milenge)

Its a great song. It reminds you of small things that matters in life and these small things give you the reason to live when you have little left in life to live for. This song always gives me hope to never give up whenever I feel low. You just need hope to live. Life is very precious and we should never ever think of giving it up. Its a gift thats  very hard to come by and you don’t know when you’ll be given this gift again.


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