Writing 101: Day 1

I am so excited and nervous to be participating in Writing 101. I am a new blogger, I started writing last month only. So when I saw this post on Daily post page about Writing 101, I just thought why not join this and get a new experience and also improve my writing skills.

So here I am, writing my first post for Writing 101. They have asked as a first assignment to just write whatever I think for 20 mins.

I find it a bit difficult to express all the things that are running through my mind right now as there are lots of things going on in my mind.

First of all, my main concern is to complete this blog as I am writing from my office and I have just got enough free time to complete this. (and also, I hope to complete this before my manager comes 😉 )

On the other side, I am feeling exasperated as my team is unable to fix one place to go to as a company outing. Some people have issues with the date, some have issues with the place. I don’t know what these people want and its spoiling everyone’s mood. Each year, our company sponsors a trip for the whole team as a team building exercise kind of thing. We can go anywhere but the whole team has to go that is the company’s condition. This year our team is unable to decide where to go. Lets hope we come to some decision soon and that too without anyone fighting over anything. Although its stressing to see people arguing over petty things but it also gives me insight on my team mates about what type of people are they coz these times bring out the best and worst of people.

I am also concerned about my studies. I am preparing for my post graduate entrance exam this year along with my office. Its a difficult thing to be doing both the things together. I don’t get enough time to study with working on weekdays and coaching for this exam on weekends. I barely get time to study for myself. But I always try to take out time to write something on my blog as it helps me relieve some of the stress. Thats why i write my blog whenever i get time during the office hours. 😉

I hope to complete this challenge and improve my writing skills. Waiting for the next task. 🙂

Signing off here as my 20 mins are up…


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