Climate Controlling Moods

Daily Prompt : The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

I agree that the weather affects the mood of people.

Whether its a hot sunny day, pleasant breezy sort of day or a rainy day, the moods of people around me changes according to the weather. Even my moods are also affected by the weather outside.

I love rains and on a rainy day, I love to go out in the rain get soaked, jump on some water puddles (just like we used to in childhood) and then come back in and eat some pakoras (fried snacks) with hot coffee. I just love it and I feel great during rains. Sitting near a window or in your balcony reading a good book on a rainy day is the perfect bliss.

But I am very irritated on a hot sunny day. I don’t love summers like many people do. All that heat, sweat and tanning, I hate it and always try to stay in an air-conditioned room so that my mood doesn’t get irritable or cranky.

Instead I love winters. Whether we are sitting warmly in our blankets on a cold winter day or whether going out all bundled up in the scarves, jackets and sweaters, I am always happy and calm in winters. 🙂


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