IPL Fever


As I have mentioned before, I love watching cricket. And these days, IPL’s (Indian Premiere League) 7th Season is going on in India.

As the finale is approaching in 10 days, I thought why not write something about it.

I am a big fan of IPL, I have been watching it since it started seven years back. Its high adrenaline drama is almost as worth watching as the EPL for football fans. I know many football fans won’t agree with me on this, they’ll say that football is much more exciting and I’ll say to them that to each its own.

Watching IPL season unfold in a span of 3 months, picking your favorite teams, having discussions on who’s gonna win, watching great cricket being played on the field, is an awesome experience.

And watching a match live is another great experience altogether. I have been watching at least 1 match live in the stadium from the past 3 IPL seasons and I am addicted to it. Watching both the teams playing good cricket against each other, is so exciting.

If you blink your eyes or look somewhere else or even you check your mobile for messages (as people do very often), you miss the moment of the match. Its fast-paced, eye-grabbing and adrenaline pumping game (although without the commentary). The fans screaming for their teams to win, going crazy when their team scores a six or a four or when the take a wicket of the opposite team and even groaning when their team’s player gets out, its fun and feels like an adventure.

Whether your team wins or looses, you enjoy with everyone who came out to watch that match and can’t stop gushing about it for days.

Cricket has been my favorite sport as long as I can remember. I used to watch it with my dad when I was a child and I still love doing that and discussing with him as to who would win and which team has got good players.

Cricket has always been special to me as I share that passion with my dad. As my sister and mom don’t like it much, so there is always been an equal fight whether to watch a cricket match or anything else. 😉


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