Daily Prompt : No Apologies

Chocolates are my biggest weakness. I just love them.

Either it is a plain one or a fruit n nut or roasted almonds, I just love eating them in any form.

Although it contains lots of calories and my mom will kill me if she knows that I am eating chocolates or anything that contains chocolates, but I can’t resist it. So sometimes I eat them secretly so that my mom doesn’t get to know, its so much fun that way but I always feel guilty afterwards.

Remember from our childhoods, whenever we had a tough day at school, or got low marks in exams, our parents used to lift our moods by giving us chocolates and we used to jump around the house showing that chocolate to everyone and even fight with our siblings as to who can eat them for the longest time. Childhood was the best time when we didn’t have to feel guilty after eating those chocolates.

I have that habit today also, whenever I am down or feeling low or when you think that everything is going wrong, chocolate is the only thing that makes my day and lifts my mood, although I feel so guilty after eating it.

When we take the first bite of chocolate, that feel of smoothness, richness makes us feel so good. We savour each bite of that chocolate as if there’s no other like it. Even if we feel guilty after eating it, but it surely makes us feel amazing.

Eating chocolates is my guilty passion even if I have to exercise more after eating it.


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