My First Blog

Hi Guys,

I am Purva, although my friend and colleagues call me by many names, I prefer Purva.

Its my first blog, so I am a bit nervous as to what I should write about. So I am starting with introducing myself and why I decided to blog.
I am just like any other girl-next-door. I love doing simple things like reading a romantic novel, listening to soft music, going out with family and friends, getting some cool breeze on my face while standing in the balcony of my home. These things just make my day. I love reading a lot, as long as its interesting, I can engross myself with any good book. My sister gets really irritated whenever I start reading a book as then I don’t listen to her banter as I am so engrossed in that book.
I love watching cricket with my dad. I can’t say that I am a cricket fanatic, but I do love a good game of cricket whenever I get the free time to watch it.
Although as a part of fast paced IT Industry, many days pass as if they are just mere minutes. Sometimes, I feel that I have to say so much or share so much that’s going through my mind but I just don’t have time to do that or my family or friend don’t have the time to listen. I feel that in this fast moving world, we miss many precious moments with family or friends or just with ourselves and we just don’t get the time to say many things to our loved ones and everything gets bottled up in our hearts. And this is the main reason of my starting this blog, so that whenever I get time, I can share what is going through my mind and in my heart.


12 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. Ila says:

    Just loved ur thoughts, simple and straight from heart,,,, hope that we will be getting more and more such enchanting thoughts to read in coming future. PS:: Keep blogging Poodii 😛

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