Finding your true self

There are times in your life when it feels that you are in a limbo. Your life is not moving forward or backwards. times when you feel that you cannot share your pain or happiness or any feelings with anyone or even if you shared you had end up feeling alone or they wouldn’t care about it anyway. Those are the times when you realize your own true worth. You learn that even if there’s no one there for you, you can be with yourself and be true to yourself and analyze what you want in life and from others. How you are and what type of a person you want to become can only be answered by your true self.

This is what I have realized in this past week by being with myself for most of the time. Sometimes, time with yourself is what you need to pick yourself up and become a better person and realize where your life is going and where you want to take it. Friends and family are always there for you and even if they are not, you are there for you. And the best part is you can rely on yourself the most. There is no deceit there, no lies, no backstabbing and trust. If you have trust and faith in yourself, then nothing can stop you or even belittle you.

The best way to find yourself is spending some “me time” with yourself taking some time out of your busy schedule, doing things that you really love. Or just sit there in a quiet place and think about random stuff or about anything particular that have recently affected you. You never know what you end up finding, it’ll amaze you how much you don’t know about yourself and so much you can still discover hidden within yourself. Digging deep under yourself and knowing more about yourself will make you more confident and more sure about your own potential.

Life at XIMB

It was exactly 2 months before that this amazing journey began at XIMB. I expected this to be a new start of my life. But never expected my life to change so drastically. With a hectic academic schedule, batch meets, launches of endless number of committees, their shadow interviews, business conclaves, leadership talks and a whole lot of events have not left me with any breathing space. Life is hectic here but I have loved every bit of it. It has made me feel alive after a long time. Working in an office and sitting at a desk for 9 hours limited my scope of going out there and meet new people and explore myself. This is a new opportunity for me to do everything that I have always wanted to do in my life. Its like getting a new life after a very boring one.. 😉

The first month was all about knowing people in your batch, our seniors and trying to form relationships that would last a lifetime (hopefully). After talking to a lot of people and getting to know them, I have finally found or rather landed up with 4 great people that I have grown so close to that I trust them completely and I know they will be by my side always. Although we also have our share of fights and most of the time end up irritating each other, but we still love each other and have a lot of fun whenever we get time. We also have issues with each other and trust me they are a lot of issues but when it comes to have fun we forget them and just enjoy coz we all know that we get less time to have fun with our hectic schedules.

True friends say good things behind your back and bad things on your face.

Fab Five ;)

Fab Five 😉 ( left to right: Abhishek, Me, Ananya, Supreet, Siddhant)

I have found myself opening up more since coming here. I think I have changed in the past month. When I came here for the first time, I was apprehensive and a bit nervous coz it was a long time that I was going so far away from my family and friends. This was a new territory and I thought I am too set in my ways that I might not be able to adjust. But my perceptions about life has changed a lot after coming here and have come to know that I can adjust and change myself according to any situation. The diversity in people here is really astounding. Some of the people here have seen so much in life that I feel my life has been simple and very much privileged.

These 2 months have been an eye opener for me both about life and about my capabilities too. I have learnt a lot about myself as well. I never knew I could open up this much and also that I had so much patience in me to be strong in any situations. I always thought I was sensitive and when things hurt me, I used to cry when I was at home but here I have learnt how to control myself around people. I also have a bad habit of reacting without thinking which I have to work on here. I believe I have much potential that I can develop here as these 2 years will shape my life ahead and teach me how to think and react in all types of situations.

Girl in a new city

After a year of slaving to get into a good B-school, finally the day has come that I can say I have gotten into one and its everything that I had always dreamed about. A lush green campus with a lot of space to roam about, a good city with a great weather (although its a bit humid but m loving it), a good hostel and a not so good mess.. 😉

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar

Xavier’s Institute, Bhubaneswar offers all of the above features and much more. Bhubaneswar is a very different city than a metro. Its peaceful and quite with very less traffic and my college is on the outskirts so it offers a lot more in scenery beauty.

View from my hostel room

View from my hostel room

Living away from home is a bit difficult but if you have good company it becomes a lot easier. I have also got a new room mate and she’s really sweet and I think we are gonna have a great year ahead. 😉

There are 122 people in our batch, all from a different background and it’ll be so much fun while interacting with everyone. I met a few of them and really liked them. I hope this year bring about a lot of good memories and I fulfill all my dreams that I came here with.

Children’s Day

When I opened my web browser to start my office work the first thing I saw was today’s Google Doodle, then I realised that today is Children’s Day.

Google Doodle

It took me back to my childhood when we were in school, we always celebrated this day in school by doing something fun like doing some plays, singing songs, just hanging out with friends, irritating our teachers. And our teachers were also lenient on this day as it was our day. Life was so easy back then. We just had to worry about our studies or sports or when we can watch TV. 😉

I remember when we had our exams and our parents were always asking us to study, my sister and I used to be so jealous of them. We used to think that they are so much better off than us, they can do whatever they want and watch TV whole day without any tension of exams or studies. But now, when we have become adults and start earning, now we yearn to go back to those childhood so that we can live that simple and joyful life again.

Hope we can see life the way we used to as children, life would be so simple. 🙂

Live Life Your Way

This post is aimed at my mom & dad as a part of Blogging 101’s today’s task. They are my dream readers as I really want them to read my blog.

Mom & Dad,

I really want you guys to know that I want to live my life my own way not the way the society wants me to live.

“Complete your education by the age of 22, get a job and then get married by 24 and have 2 kids by the age of 30.”

I don’t want to follow the norm of a typical girl in a middle class family. I know you as my parents want these things for my well being and for my life to be good. But I want to live my life on my own. Live on my own for few years, study and take my career the way I want it to take, marry when I find the right guy (that can take few years), have children when I feel ready to have one. I understand that you also feel the pressure from the society but this is my life and I want to live it in my own way.

Sometimes, I feel suffocated with all this pressure and just makes me want to live so far away from home that there is no one to stop or interrupt me from doing what I want. But I know its so difficult to live away from you guys and the comforts of home.

I really love you guys but I really want to make decisions about my life on my own. Even if i make mistakes, they will be mine to make and regret. I just want you guys to be there with me helping me make my life’s decisions, not make those decisions for me. I just hope you guys can understand that.

Why I’m here

Today’s post in Blogging 101 is to write about ourselves as to who we are and why we are here.

You can read about me on my first blog’s link below:

I started blogging coz I needed some space to write what goes in my head as I do a lot of thinking and wanted an outlet for those thoughts. And coz of all that thinking I have a lot of posts in drafts 😉 and I am also irregular in writing posts as when the mood strikes me, I write for days. But when it doesn’t, I don’t write for months.

I joined Blogging 101 so that I can become regular in blogging even if its a short post or just a photo that I share, as I love it when I write or share something with others.

Also, I want to improve my writing skills and getting the feedback here on my posts feels great. If I keep on writing, I would love to accomplish good writing skills and start writing on a regular basis.

I love to write about random things whichever suits my heart. I write from my heart whatever that maybe. Writing is a great outlet for whatever is going on in my mind or heart. Sometimes, the prompts in The Daily Posts reflects my mood and I love to write on that.

I love to connect with people from all over the world. I love to interact with them, read about them and their life experiences. I would love to connect to as many people over my posts as I can.

Festive Season (Diwali Season)

Its been a long time that I wrote a post here.
Life has moved at a great pace. Office is as busy as ever, even more than before as we have got a new project and are busy to complete it in given timelines. I am also preparing for MBA entrance exams so time has been a difficult and precious quantity for me.

Festive season has just gone by leaving me with some of the great times I have had with my family and friends.

Festivals are some of the rare precious moments in our lives when we can meet our family and get together for celebrations. These occasions make us realize what we are really missing in our fast moving lives. The relaxation that we feel when we are home, the joy of meeting our family and cousins and remembering all those childhood memories. I love this season. October and November months are the best months of the year for me as it includes my birthday and so many festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja, Eid.. All these festivals make my festive season.


Diwali- Festival of Lights

My favorite festival is Diwali, the festival of lights. I love the Diwali week, there are lots of lights all around you, wherever you go. Lots of lights, diyas (earthen oil lamps), candles and decorations in every home, markets, roads, feels so good, like there can never be darkness. Its a festival celebrated for the return of Lord Ram (hindu deity) to Ayodhya his birthplace and home after an exile of 14 years after conquering the evil King Ravana. There is a Pooja (prayer) during the evening of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi for the coming year to be full of success and prosperity.

Diwali week in India is just celebrated as Christmas week in many countries.

Lots of sweets are prepared and sent as gifts to all the relative and friends. We also make Rangoli ( colorful patterns on the floor).

The below one is made by me and my sister:



Rangoli made by me n my sis

This festive season was really precious for me. I hope it was for everyone. 🙂

Fictional Intruder

Go down the rabbit hole with Alice; play quidditch with Harry Potter; float down the river with Huck Finn… If you could choose three fictional events or adventures to experience yourself, what would they be?

If I could choose three fictional events to experience myself 2 of them would definitely be related to Harry Potter and they would be:

1. Quidditch World Cup — I would love to go to a Quidditch match and the one described in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire between Bulgaria and Ireland would be the one I had definitely want to see. The adrenaline rush and the fast pace of the match would be so exciting to witness. I had a great time reading the event, it would be out of this world to experience it literally. 😉

Quidditch World Cup

Quidditch World Cup

2. Triwizard Tournament — The triwizard tournament Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire would be exhilarating and nerve-wrecking to watch. I would definitely not want to participate but would love to watch all the three tasks in it in person. The movie showed all of them in great details and with awesome effects. But watching it in person would be really exciting.




3. The third one would be the adventure of Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games trilogy. I hate the violence in that but I love the love story of Katniss and Peeta. They  sybolize that love can blossom anywhere even in the middle of a battlefield where you have to kill everyone to win and to live. I know Katniss doesn’t feel the love then but her heart knows that Peeta is the one without whom she can’t survive. I would love to watch their love blossom in that gruesome violence filled hunger games arena.


Reading The Mind

A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

I would definitely not want this type of chip. Already I feel that I think too much and get headaches due to that. Hearing voices of other people would be too much.

If I had that chip I would feel like Edward in Twilight series. His head is always full of voices of other people and his tragedy is that he can listen to anyone except the one he loves. Imagine how he must feel when he can listen to anyone but not the most important person in your life. Thats tragedy all right.

Sometimes, we wish that we could listen to what others are thinking specially when your boss gives you an amused look and you think he’s cooking something in his brain. 😉

If we can get a chip which can be turned off and on according to your wish, that would be a dream come true. 😉